What others are Saying

"Traci is a graphic design artist and photographer that has been very involved in the community and the several schools her children have attended. When she wasn't driving her four kids around town, maintaining their active schedules, running the household or coaching their sports, she was running a successful design business. After a friendship of over 11 years, I have never watched this woman sit down and breathe! She is commendable and respected by all that have the pleasure of knowing her. Although the needs of her children have always been first and foremost, she has always found a way to run her successful business from her home". ~Linda Y., Strongsville, Ohio

"Traci is exceptionally talented as well as hardworking and ethical. In addition, Traci is open to communication and will make every effort to understand the needs and desires of her clients, and to then deliver on them. I do not hesitate to recommend Traci, as I've seen what she can accomplish and quality matters to her". Barbara S., Olympia, Washington

The Office

  • Location: North Olmsted, OH
  • Phone: 440-728-1491
  • Email: traci@erisphotography.com