Photography, Marketing, Graphic & Web Design,
                                       by Traci Kogut

I swear my new site will be updated soon! I have several new projects underway, new clients and several updates to include on my new website. That's what happens when you work for yourself. Everyone else's projects get done way before yours!

All previous client galleries will be uploaded soon as well as multiple examples of the work I do. What started out as a business in photography has expanded into several areas of design, marketing and all aspects of advertising in general.

white eagles football


Game photos are free to download for players' parents and families to enjoy. It's always been something I've done for the parents of our sports teams. I figure we do so much for the kids to enable them to participate and support them on the sidelines, we should at least have some memorable photos to look back on.

If you do need senior portraits, please feel free to email for more information. My partner and I are also available for weddings and special events.

Thank you!